How to Claim Insurance Details And Specifications

Insurance- We all know how important it is to get our vehicle insured and what are its benefits to us. Today we will know how to make an insurance claim, if our car meets with an accident or if there is any damage. Then what is the procedure to get it repaired from the insurance company? And which suitable companies are available in the market and at what rate we get which plans. We will know all these things today.


Which Documents Do We Need For Insurance Claim?

If we go for a claim on the insurance company after a car accident. Then we need some documents, which the company verifies and processes further. Registration certificate of the owner of the vehicle. So that it can be known in whose name the vehicle is and driving license, PAN card, Aadhaar card, passbook, and canceled check. All these documents should be there. And the most important thing is that the insurance date of the car should not be due. If your that date is due. Then the claim cannot be made and you will have to pay a huge amount from your own pocket.

How Long Does It Take For All These Procedures?

After giving the vehicle, a file of all the documents is made and they have to be signed an estimate of the damage is made so that we can know how much the cost is. After ascertaining the number of damages, we have to pay that amount ourselves. And within 10 to 15 days, this company puts this money back into our account. And the time to repair the car depends on your damage. According to the damage done to your car, the car should be repaired and come to your home.

Let’s Know Which Insurance Company Is Available

If we talk about the total number of such companies in India then there are 57 total companies in this domain. According to the Indian Motor Act, it is a legal need for every car owner to obtain at least third-party auto insurance coverage before they can operate their vehicle on Indian roads. Also, there are now 25 insurance providers in India that provide auto insurance. National Insurence, SBI General, Kotak, New India Insurence, Cholamanadalam, Navi Insurence, Tata AIG, etc. All these companies are available in the Indian market

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