Royal Enfield

Difference Between Royal Enfield And KTM

Royal Enfield And KTM do the comparison today. Royal Enfield and KTM, both these bike companies are performing very well on their respective platforms. But there has always been competition between these two bikes. They have their own audience in India. Let’s know which bike is better than the other

Royal Enfield

Which Bike Is Good In The Comfort Zone Royal Enfield, KTM

Enfield is a cruiser bike and KTM is a sports bike. The handle of Enfield is a bit high. Due to this, we feel very comfortable riding, and if we talk about the setting position of KTM. Then it is quite low so that the whole handling weight falls on the rider’s shoulders. Due to this. We cannot ride KTM for a long time because it is a sports bike. Enfield is much better in terms of writing and setting position than KTM.

How Much Does The Cost Of Maintenance Read For Both These Bikes

Enfield is very cheap in maintenance and if we talk about KTM then its maintenance cost is high. And the bike of KTM is not even more reliable because more plastic has been used in it and in Enfield the bike is almost made of iron, which also gives more strength in Enfield, due to this its maintenance cost is very less. For many years the bike does not need to look at Enfield in terms of maintenance because it runs long lasting but this does not happen in KTM or any sports bike.

How Many Units Are Sold Per Year?

Both of these bike companies are doing a very good job without seeing the figures for 2016, only 200000 bikes were sold in KTM and Enfield sold 800000. This would give you an idea that the audience of Enfield is very high.

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